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Have you ever designed a house?

It takes a lot of work to plan the rooms, doors and windows, plumbing and electricity, to make a house useful and bring a long-term sense of well-being into it. The same goes for the design of a business concept.

We are here to support you in designing a suitable “operating house” for your company, which incorporates both, your current situation as well as your future needs. You will receive innovative expedient solutions, which aim for long-term benefits.

The concepts we design are tangible. They include a realistic timeline for implementation and a clear cost-benefit-analysis. Thus, you and your employees are able to orientate in your new “operating house” and are, at the same time, supported by a blueprint to start building it.


You are planning to implement a project but still miss some necessary knowledge in your company?

Our team, with its longstanding expertise acquired in well-known European companies, offers you a unique combination of knowhow and skills for a successful project realization.

We accompany your team in implementing sustainable solutions in the area of: Organisational Development, Circular Economy and Sustainability, Business Excellence as well as Digital Services and IT.




There are countless project management methods. Almost every consulting company worth its salt uses standard approaches like IPMA, PMI and PRINCE2… mixes them with other concepts and declares them to be a “proprietary method”.

project:culture considers all methods to be valid and valuable contributions for successful project work. However, one thing is important for us: EVERYONE should be able to understand and apply the methods.

How do you eat an elephant?

project:culture divides projects into manageable units. Each unit can be managed and documented within reasonable time and can be tracked using a few sensible KPIs.

One doesn’t need a lengthy training to apply project:culture’s methods and then to be able to successfully conduct a project. We provide instruments which enable our customer’s teams to manage their tasks efficiently and promptly.


A good training is like a cooking lesson. One knows the ingredients, understands how they harmonize and is able to convert it into a qualitative product to be enjoyed.

Our customer’s staff is always the centre of the training and coaching we offer. Using practical examples, which highlight the theory, your employees learn to select the correct methods and use them appropriately to obtain sustainable results. Our hands-on training mentality and the playful teamwork integrates and empowers your employees to define, measure, analyse and continuously improve your company processes.




Is your company or your project facing a critical phase? Do you need an experienced and result-oriented manager, who puts the ship back on its course?

As a tactical manager, executive manager, senior consultant, change manager or project manager our experts stand ready to help you through critical times.

They are highly capable, authentic personalities with extensive expertise, who motivate and encourage teams to solve problems. They have the necessary flair to convince your team to act as one and turn the critical situation into a success story.