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400 employees, 240.000 tons per year, 2 rewinders, 6 cross-cutters and a minus of 2 million euros per year.
Geographically disadvantaged, regular customers economically battered and on the doorstep: the group-Controlling.

The signs are set for storm when we meet the local team for the first time, with which we want to make the impossible possible again.
But it gets even worse: at the same time, the message arrives that the equipment department is going to be relocated. 60 employees have to be made redundant. A conceivable bad start.

The last hope for the site is a selected team of experienced production and maintenance employees who are ready to get the last out of the factory.
After a methodological training by the consultants, the task force is still a bit cautious and careful, but in the course of time more and more committed and courageous to find and enhance potential.

In the first wave, topics such as the consumption of water vapour or the utilization of the fibers are examined. The team members are constantly developing new ideas with the support of the consultant team.

After the idea finding, the aim is to collect data, to analyze, to derive measures and to financially evaluate. The potential is high. The motivation increases with every new implementation and it is already clear that there are sufficient first signs for a second project wave.

After a project duration of 2 years, potentials of more than 4 million euros could be raised.
The plant is now one of the most profitable in the group, the relocation of the equipment department I no longer an issue.

Wave 3 can now be handled independently by the employees – without the advisor team.
They move on to the next customer… but that is another story.