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250 employees, sales around 40 million euros, our task:

To train a core team consisting of employees from sales, purchasing, production, quality and warehouse in the area Lean Management and Six Sigma. Our Goal: reduction of the throughput time by 30% in combination with performance increase in production.

After an intensive training phase of 6 days, the employees were supplied with the necessary tools from Lean Six Sigma for their analyses. By means of practical examples from their own company they were put into practice and then, together with us, the optimization measures in the production were applied.

In the first phase of the project, the employees had the task, together with us, to define, measure and analyse the problems they were familiar with along the entire value chains. This resulted in a potential assessment in the amount of 1 million euros.

In order to be able to put this potential into effect in addition to everyday business, we founded 6 working groups with one team leader each. The topics included order acceptance (data completeness, sales-communication), planning and production (cycle time’s, waste reduction, reduction of planned/unplanned standstills) and logistics/delivery (optimal packaging, route-planning, complaint reduction).

After a project period of 1 year, an > 15% improvement in production could already be celebrated and an employee employed specifically for the area of KVP. Todays this person takes care of the implementation (improve) and control of the optimized processes (control), 2 years after the start of the project.

Even today, after withdrawal of your consultant team, we are in close contact with the team leaders and we are pleased with the positive results as well as the dynamics that have developed in the company.