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The Facility Management plc., 2.400 employees, a turnover of 460 million euros per year, handles an ERP implementation at the site. The Go-Live has already been postponed twice. The budget has been almost spent.

The company constructs and installs supply systems. This includes heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, sanitary, electrical- and measuring-, control- and regulation technology or fire protection.
Our many years of experience with IT projects have shown that they are particularly difficult to handle.
Typical problems in IT projects include the lack of both communication and transparency.

In such complex ERP implementations many dependencies exist, so a profound process understanding is a prerequisite. In addition, it is important to understand what is really important to the customer. It is often neither known when the project can be completed, nor what the critical points are, and whether all important issues are covered at all. Development and specialist departments have a completely differentiated view regarding project status and progress. It therefore requires a selected team of experienced staff from Project Management, IT and specialist departments, who are willing to work on a joint solution in the team.

Our approach was, therefore, primarily the systematic recording of all problems, the categorization of all problems together with the specialists and IT department, on-going monitoring of the open points and the setting up of measures to achieve the goal. After the first interim result, the goals were clearly visible, which made the project team more motivated. Regular presentations of the project progress, the showing of resource bottlenecks, a current set point / actual adjustment and a common view of necessary actions helped with the project handling. Risks were therefore controllable.

The motivation to reach the common goal increased day by day, so that finally fun at work was again noticed. After remaining project duration of 1 year in total, the Go-Live was reached on time and in budget.

The customer was enthusiastic: “The project manager supports us extraordinarily well, consistently, energetically and motivationally, despite many tasks and difficulties. He is an enormous enrichment for the project and a key factor for the success of the project.”