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The productivity training of project:culture is the basis of the optimization of each process.

Through practical examples from your company, which underline the necessary theory, your employees lean methods from Lean Management and Six Sigma. In this way, they are able to define, measure, analyze, implement and regularly review processes.

Contents of Training:

  • Six Sigma Übersicht
    2 ways of process improvement, Six Sigma as a statistical measure, RTY, DMAIC process
    Project Charter and Project charter exercises, SIPOC, stakeholder analysis

    Measured variable matrix, data sources, data type, statistics – location parameter,
    scattering parameters, measurement system analysis, graphical representations, OEE

    Fisbone, process analysis and examples, value analysis,
    TIMWOOD, time analysis, tile example, bottleneck vs. constraint,
    Little´s Law, Value Stream Map – overview and aims, symbols

    5-S, Poka Yoke, Theory of constraints,
    generate solutions (brainstorming, anti-brainstorming),
    have-to-criteria, Effort Benefit Matrix, put solutions into practice, piloting

    Documentation of project, process, SOP,
    monitoring, ideas parking, project definition

This training is the first step towards optimization. Through the playful training of statistics and project methods, your employees are integrated into the project, the necessary trust base is created, and a common project language and project tools are learned.