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There are countless methods of Project Management.
Any good consulting firm that holds something of itself takes the best approaches from the standards of ICB (IPMA), PMBOK (PMI) and PRINCE2, blends them elegantly with a few other methods and makes them a proprietary method.

For project:culture all methods are valid and valuable contributions to successful project work. It is above all important to us that EVERYONE should be able to understand and comprehend the method. Many approaches are only intended for experienced project managers and giant projects with complex tasks.

When project:culture is dealing with projects together with the employees of their customers, they divide them into manageable subprojects. Each part can be managed with a reasonable amount of time and adequate documentation and can be checked and verified by a handful of key figures.
With the methodology of project:culture, nobody needs a long-term training in order to be able to carry out a project her-/himself.

We provide the team members of our customers with the right tools so that they can effectively manage their tasks themselves.